Alumni Update: Catching up with Dick Adams ’50 & ‘51

By mlblogstheportspost1

1. What is your favorite memory from your time with the Ports?

Playing for my friend Harry Clements.

2. What was the best thing about playing for the Ports?

Dick Adams

Very convenient, I lived in Oakdale.

3. What accomplishments from your days with the Ports are you most proud of?

Batting .300 and knocking in over 100 runs each year.

4. What was your favorite Cal League ballpark?

Stockton Ballpark at Oak Park.

5. Who was the toughest opponent the Ports faced?

Santa Barbara

6. What was your favorite restaurant in Stockton?


7. What are you up to now?

Playing golf, teaching jazz piano and playing piano for dances, parties, etc. No baseball.

8. Where did you go to high school?


9. Where did you attend college?

University of the Pacific, Masters from Whittier College.

10. Where do you currently reside?

Fall Brook, Calif.

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