Season Ticket Holder Q&A: The Damer Family


The Damer family is entering their second season with the Stockton Ports as season ticket holders. Known as “the sign family”, the Damers are easy to see in the front row of section 119 enthusiastically cheering on the players by waving their signs. The Damers love attending Ports games and look forward to the upcoming 2013 season.

Q: This past season your family was known as “the sign family”, why do you like using the signs while watching the game?

A: We like cheering on the players. I think the signs are one of the best ways to do it. You don’t have to sit there and scream the whole game. You can just hold the sign up. The players love it. That’s the biggest thing; we wanted to let them know us as fans. We’re here to see them play and watch them grow in their careers.

Q: What do you enjoy most about coming to the games?

A: It’s a beautiful park with great staff. I mean from day one, everybody here treats you like you’re royalty, now-a-days that’s hard to find. The staff here really goes above and beyond. They make that extra effort on every event they do, and I like seeing that because the charity events are great.

Q: Who was your favorite player this past season?

A: So many of the guys were so friendly to us, it’s really hard to say just one. Jake Brown, is great guy. The biggest thing was the third game of the season in the information pamphlets, my boy said “hey dad, Jake has the same birthday as you, Dec. 28.”. So I say “oh really?” Then my boy responds “yeah but you’re old enough to be his dad”. That kind of was like a joke with our family and Jake throughout the season. We have a nice friendship with him. He emails us all the time and it’s great to stay in touch.

Q: What is your favorite food at the ballpark?

A: I love the ribs. The fully loaded nachos and the ice cream are also family favorites.

Q: What do you enjoy about bringing the kids to the ballpark?

A: There’s plenty of open space. One of the biggest things is the 360 degrees access around the entire park. If they want to go for a walk, we can walk all the way around. You can enjoy the view from the whole park. We also like the fact that the kids can run around, watch the players, learn about a sport and see what good sportsmanship is about. It’s also great to meet and talk to the players. It’s a nice family atmosphere.

Q: Last season, during one of the games, a swarm of bees went onto the field. Having you been to any other games where something unexpected has happened?

A: That was quite an unexpected event. It’s just something that can happen. There’s always a variety of things that can happen. I’ve seen birds go on the field and some other really goofy things. The best thing we’ve seen was when Splash came onto the field in a helicopter. I had no idea that what going to happen. We were out on Homerun Hill trying to figure out why the helicopter was coming over the water. We thought maybe someone got hurt or something but then it comes and lands on the field and Splash came out. That was great.

Q: Mom and Dad, how did you two meet?

A: Her mom and I worked for the same company, she was a driver and I was a mechanic. I held the door open for her and her mom one day and then about a year later I saw her again. She was working at the concession stand at one of the softball games I was playing in. We got to talking and now we’ve been married 13 years later and have four beautiful kids.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most this season?

A: Just like any fan, the curiosity about who is coming back is killing me! I heard that Stassi isn’t coming back. I was really shocked to hear that but I’m glad he’s continuing his career. It kind of hurts when you have these players that you’re attached to and they go onto another team, especially in the same league but when they’re going to the next level we follow them not matter what. We’ll listen to them on the radio or watch them on TV. We’ll constantly cheer them on because once we’ve met them, they’re like family.

The Damers autographed sign

The Damers player autographed sign

The kids also had some answers for us.

Q: What do you like about coming to the games?

A: Getting to spend with the people and the ball players. I also like getting the players autographs.

A: I like the food and the ice cream. I like Splash and catching the baseballs.

Q: What are you favorite foods at the ballpark?

A: I like eating the ribs, ice cream and nachos with beans and beef.

Q: Who was your favorite player this past season?

A: Beau Taylor because he was a funny guy.

Q: What was your favorite memory from last season?

A: When I got Ricky Hendersons autograph. I went onto the field and he signed my baseball.

A: When I ran the bases at the end of the game on Sundays.

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