Docking with the Ports–The Rally Rat!!

The sewers of downtown Stockton, CA are not the most pleasant areas to dwell. Not even for a rat. Sure, some rats might be content scurrying around in dark, damp, dirty undergrounds without any specific aim. But one rat wanted more. One rat who was not fulfilled being one of the many. One who searched the city of Stockton night after night, hoping to find a place where he could make a difference. And then one night, he struck gold. The rat found himself under the lights of Banner Island Ballpark, surrounded by the roar of Stockton Ports baseball fans, who were hoping to see their team take the win for the night. In his excitement, the rat scurried onto the field and joined in with the cheering. Little did he know, his presence on the field that night would bring a wave of good luck over the team that would help them defeat their opponents. This special rat did not go unnoticed. The Ports staff took him in, fed him, gave him his signature Hawaiian shirt and made him a fixed presence at the ballpark. And thus, the Rally Rat was born.


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